Loop 49 Authorities to Issue Fines for Unpaid Use of Toll Road

Drivers who use Loop 49 but ignore their “Pay By Mail” invoices may soon face charges from the Smith County District Attorney. Opens it’s Doors to East Texas Car Buyers

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Wade’s Place


Cajun Chicken Dip

China Chef

No doubt, East Texas has a restaurant to satisfy nearly every palate (except for Egyptian food…still looking for some good schwarma around here).  There’s plenty of BBQ, Southern Cooking, and even Cajun and Seafood offerings.  There’s also a good handful of Chinese food restaurants but few, if any, can rival the simplicity, cleanliness, and comfort of China Chef in Chandler, Texas.

A little background — I’m a big fan of Chinese food.  Doesn’t matter to me if it comes from a grubby dive joint or a fancy-place like P.F. Chang’s.  But my favorite all-time spot is Szechuan Chinese Restaurant  off Camp Bowie in Fort Worth.  They have the perfect mix of price, location, and service and I’m happy to announce China Chef has achieved that balance as well.

I made the trip to Chandler to meet with some new acquaintances.  China Chef is easy to get to, just off Highway 31 East of Tyler.  As of this writing, the restaurant is about a year old and appears to be in a brand new building.  The dining area is fairly small, but had no trouble accommodating our party of 8.  The menu features all of your standard Chinese favorites (mine is Orange Chicken).  Servings are generous and inexpensive!  With a large drink, my lunch was about $8 … a bargain by today’s standards.

China Chef is a family-run business.  Best I can tell, “Helen” runs the show with a flair for the care and comfort of each patron.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by her tiny little girl, who has already learned a great deal of hospitality from her Mom.

Nothing fancy here, just good food at a good price served by nice folks in a nice town.

China Chef
(903) 849-2308
636 HWY 31 W
Chandler, TX 75758